adamhollett.com is the personal website of Adam Hollett, a developer and technical writer in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


My LinkedIn profile has more details on my work history and experience.

Software development

I'm a Ruby/Rails developer at Shopify, where I work on documentation and support tools to help our merchants. I built a custom Rails engine to transition the Shopify Help Center from a static website to a multi-language dynamic app.

Sometimes I write code to solve small problems or improve the tools I like. I've created a couple of gems.

Technical writing

As a technical writer, I helped maintain the Shopify Help Center and wrote documentation for features like Timeline and Kit.

I also wrote Ruby code for the upkeep of our documentation platform and improved automated tests for content. With my colleague Jeremy Hanson-Finger, I created rorybot, an automated tool for catching style errors in written documentation.

I continue to work with and contribute to documentation for the static site generator Jekyll and Shopify's template language Liquid.


I returned to Algonquin College for a couple of years to teach the Usability and User Experience course in my former Technical Writing program.

The course covers introductory concepts of UX with a particular focus on usability, and the effects that usability and UX have on the documentation process.


I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Writing from Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario. My main technical writing interests include automation, usability, and accessibility.

I hold a BA in English Language and Literature from Memorial University of Newfoundland. My main literary interests are unreliable narration and magical realism. Some of my favourite books include Pale Fire, Fifth Business, and Watership Down.

While at Memorial, I was involved with the Grenfell Campus Student Union, the Memorial English Students' Society, and the Writing Centre.


Crossword puzzles I've made have been printed in The Algonquin Times in Ottawa, Ontario, and in The Muse and Recess Weekly in St. John's, Newfoundland.

I sometimes create crossword puzzles for employees at Shopify.

About this site

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